Dryer Repair

Can you even imagine going back to the days of clotheslines? The risk of rain, storms, bird droppings, and more becomes a real problem. And then you have to rewash clothing. Chances are you never even think of those days. But, there are still many things that can go wrong with your dryer, causing you to call for dryer repair. And if you ignore the signs that your dryer needs repair, you could be putting the entire family and home at significant risk.
No doubt, our dryers are an excellent tool for the entire family. They make your clothes fluffier and softer, need less ironing, and dry faster. Keep that dryer running as it should for as long as possible with quality appliance repair

    Signs You Need Dryer Repair

    To determine whether you need a dryer repair expert, here are a few of the more obvious signs you may notice.
    • A loud noise is coming from the dryer

      A buckle or zipper is a familiar noise. But a really loud noise is not correct. This could indicate that your dryer belt is loose. Call for repair before resuming use.
    • There is a burning smell

      As soon as there is that familiar smell that something is burning, please shut the dryer off and unplug it immediately. Dryer fires can cause the casing to melt, do internal damage, and even cause a fire in your home. Additionally, be sure to always clean out the filters and have dryer vents cleaned out every year.
    • The dryer motor is on, but it is not moving

      When the drum is not spinning, your belt may have damage. In that case, your clothes will not dry. So, call for dryer repair as soon as you notice the problem.
    • The clothes are taking way too long to dry

      Suppose it takes a couple or more cycles to dry regular clothes. In that case, you could have a broken belt, sensor, or an electrical problem. And running the dryer multiple times costs more energy and money. Call for an immediate repair.
    • The air in the dryer seems more humid than it should

      Blocked vents from lint build-up can cause the wet air to be trapped in the unit. When the condensation has nowhere to go, your clothes will not dry. And the blocked vents can eventually lead to dryer fires.
    • The dryer is moving all around the laundry room

      A machine that is no longer level can cause the dryer to seem to move. And this can be a real problem, as it can snap the electrical and condensate lines. Call to get the dryer balanced and keep it in its place.
    • It just won’t turn on anymore

      If it is still plugged in and the door latches, there may be an electrical problem causing the machine not to turn on. Then, there are all sorts of places to check that your dryer repair expert will be well versed in.
    Have more questions or issues we did not bring up? Contact us for more information.

    Quality Repair Parts for Dryer Repair

    Often a broken dryer requires a replacement component. The repair will only be durable if we use good-quality spares. The professionals at Fix Guys know how to find the best spare parts. And that is good news for you. Furthermore, our team knows which products have performed well in real-life conditions and will use those components in your repairs. That is another instance where our experience is to your benefit.
    Our team can find good-quality spares for all kinds of appliances and brands. We have spare parts for dishwashers, freezers, refrigerators, garbage disposals, ovens, ranges, and other such instruments. No matter what kind of repair you need, our team can help.

    Trust the Experience of Fix Guys Appliance Services

    You can trust the experience of our trained technicians at Fix Guys Appliance Services. We will send our expert technicians to your location in fully equipped vans with everything they need to carry out the repairs promptly and ensure your appliance is running well. And in the truck are spare parts, equipment, tools, and other such materials, which is why most repairs don’t require more than one visit.

    Additionally, most of our dryer repair service calls are handled on the same day as the request. We like to reach our clients and resolve the problem quickly. Suppose the day’s schedule is already full. In that case, our team will arrange for the earliest possible appointment to ensure no significant delay in repairs.

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