Refrigerator & Freezer Repair

Fix Guys Services repairs all types of refrigeration, including wine fridges, stand-alone freezers, ice makers, and more, from all the major brands of refrigerators from LG and GE to Kenmore and everything in between.

You can count on the expertise of our technicians when it comes to side by side, commercial fridges, standard refrigerators, and built-ins. Our work will exceed expectations and ensure complete satisfaction for your refrigerator and freezer maintenance.

To learn more about our appliance repair, please don’t hesitate to call (888) 980-8808 or use our contact form to reach us.
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      Refrigerator & Freezer Repair

      When your refrigerator or freezer goes caput, the need is immediate. No one wants all that food to go to waste. So, keep the door shut and call for help from Fix Guys Appliance Services. When you need immediate refrigerator repair, we are here to help. We totally understand the inconvenience of a refrigerator on the fritz.

      Fix Guys Appliance Services will be sure to diagnose the issue and make repairs with quality parts. Keeping your food cold is our primary goal when you need a refrigerator repair.

    Diagnosing your Refrigeration Issue

    Some refrigerators or freezers are easy to diagnose, and others are more difficult. Leaking water or a burnt-out bulb is easy to spot. But other situations may have a problem that is not quite as evident. This is where our years of experience benefit you and your appliances.
    Our trained technicians will carefully inspect your refrigerator and freezer and correctly diagnose the root of the issue. Then we can suggest repair options to you for your review and consideration. That is when the repair can begin.

    Fix Guys Appliance Services Handles

    Refrigerator Repairs & More

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      Same-day service is available.
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      We offer quick turnaround with personal service.
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