Oven & Stove Repair

At Fix Guys Appliance Services, we don’t ever want dinner to get cold. After all, mealtime is what brings families together. So, don’t miss a single meal because of a broken appliance. If your oven has been acting up lately or if one of your burners is not working, you can count on Fix Guys Appliance Services for oven and stove repair.

Contact us today to get it repaired before dinner.
    We service electric, glass top, and gas ranges, whether it’s under warranty or not. Our techs will have your oven or stove back to work for the next meal period.

    To learn more about the appliance repair, please don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 980-8808 or use our contact form reach us. You can easily book online and schedule your repair right away.

    Experience Matters with Oven and Stove Repair

    With more than 15+ years of in-the-field experience, our professional repair technicians can handle any oven and stove repair. Here are some of the units we fix for the clients each week.

    Gas Range Repair
    Electric Range Repair
    Wood Stove Repair
    Glass Top Stove Repair
    And more!
    Whatever the issue you’re having with your oven or cooktop; we will be there right away to take care of it.

    Oven and Stove Repair Common Issues

    • Burner Failure

      Traditional coil ranges can be tested to see if the hook-up is active by trading the unit with another from the stove. If it works, the problem is with the burner itself. In any case, we can trade the burner out or replace the switch receptacle. It is always better to let a professional handle electrical and appliance repair.
    • When the burner overheats

      A bad switch can also cause the burner to stay at one constant temperature. No one wants to burn dinner with a control that stays on high.
    • If the surface indicator is incorrect

      A false “hot-surface” indicator can be another indicator of a bad switch.
    • If the oven door won’t open

      Occasionally, the self-clean cycle will be triggered, and the lock will activate. In that case, there could be a malfunctioning lock, internal clock, or oven control. But we can fix that too.
    • When self-cleaning won’t clean

      This may mean the function selector or latch has broken.
    • When the oven just won’t turn on or heats irregularly

      There may be several different mechanical issues depending on the type of oven you have. You will most likely need to replace the bake or broil heating elements to get it going again. In our professional opinion, this requires our experience and a professional opinion.

    Furthermore, we have been doing this for a long time and stay up to date with all the modern amenities available in the new oven and stove technology being released. When you call on the professionals at Fix Guys Appliance Services, our techs will know exactly how to fix your range, no matter the brand name or age.

    Don’t wait another minute. The kitchen is the home of the home, and the stove keeps it running after all. Let us help you by fixing it.

    Repairing Ovens and Stoves for You

    We promise the following standards of service for all our families:
    • 1
      Expert Service and Quality Repairs
    • 2
      We will always be prepared for the job.
    • 3
      15+ years of appliance repair experience
    • 4
      Attention to detail is evident in all our work

    • 5
      Same-day service is available

    • 6
      Quick turnaround & personal service.

    We are ready for every job, managing projects with the skill

    and experience our clients have come to expect. Please get

    in touch to learn more about our team, company, or details

    about our services.

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